“Motherwhelmed” by Anniki Sommerville

“Motherwhelmed” by Anniki Sommerville


Rebecca is 42, has a beautiful child and a wonderful husband. But she just hasn’t been feeling herself recently…

Rebecca thinks a great night out should involve a packet of Marlboro’s, six double vodkas and snogging a colleague. Not gormlessly drinking a zero-alcohol No-hito while Instagramming a vegan chicken wing.
Rebecca wants to ride on a Harley Davidson, to crowd surf till dawn, then collapse in a heap after swigging from a bottle of Jack Daniels . . . not sit in a soul-destroying meeting surrounded by ‘blue sky thinking’ and men half her age who interrupt all the time.

She’s had enough of commuting to an office that is so cold people have to wear blankets all day. And she can’t help asking herself why her adorable daughter must spend all week in a containment zone for pre-schoolers.

Rebecca wants to feel that there’s MORE coming her way, rather than less . . .

In short – Rebecca wants out.

My Review

Discovering Rebecca’s life has been a eye opener! She is a 42 year old working mother trying to keep all her plates spinning at once; her daughter Bella, job and relationship. In the end something has to give and it’s a long winding road for Rebecca to find out what that is.

I felt I was reading about my own life, even down to how cold her working environment is (my workplace loves the air con!!) also worrying about mum guilt but feeling the pressure to be able to cope. Anniki’s narrative is realistic, emotive and honest. I was pulling for Rebecca to be living life to the best of her ability so I was completely and utterly engrossed in her journey. Whist reading this story I went through feelings of hope, sadness and frustration. I loved the well written characters, especially Rebecca.

‘Motherwhelmed’ is such a beautifully profound story and I think so many people will be able to relate whether that be on a personal or professional lever or even both! I honestly urge you to grab a copy and prepare to be entertained as it certainly had some laugh out loud moments too 😊 I now know that it’s totally ok to feel motherwhelmed as I’m not alone. I give this fabulous debut 5*/5* ❤️

Thank you so much to Claire at One More Chapter for an advanced copy of this book.

Author Bio

Anniki Sommerville is a part-time writer and previously edited the parenting blog Selfish Mother. She is co-founder of The Hotbed Collective- a book (‘More Orgasms Please’) and podcast. She has two daughters, lives in London and works part-time in marketing. ‘Motherwhelmed’ is her first novel.

One thought on ““Motherwhelmed” by Anniki Sommerville

  1. I love that this book takes away the stigma of feeling overwhelmed with life and everything else involved in it. I feel that too often mothers are supposed to be ‘perfect’ or at least close to it. Great review! ❤ Jen

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